Talk with the olive tree

There are 4 main varieties of olive oil:

  • Arbequina: Fruity taste suggesting the presence of apple and banana, and sweet consistency. Normally used in vinaigrettes, gazpacho and baking. Mild flavor.
  • Hojiblanca: Reminiscent scent of fresh grass, slightly bitter finish and a certain almond flavour. Perfect match for dressings and vinaigrettes.
  • Picual: Reminiscent aroma and flavour of green fruits. A slightly bitter taste. Usually used in salads, frying and stews.
  • Cornicabra: A slightly bitter taste and visually reminiscent of bright gold. Used in salads, frying and baking.

Get Borne Away by the Olive Trees and Experience the Irresistible Scents of Olive Oil