Flamenco dancing tour

Flamenco is a form of gypsy art that combines acoustic guitar with singing, dancing and hand-clapping. Both text and melody of the songs, like the flamenco dance, are improvised within traditional structures such as characteristic rhythms and chords. Zapateado, intricate toe- and heel-clicking steps, characterises the men’s dance; the traditional women’s dance is based more on grace of body and hand movement.

Flamenco conveys some of the deepest human experiences; happiness and suffering can be fully grasped.

At the beginning of the flamenco show, the dancer or singer remains motionless absorbing the strumming of the guitar, the clapping of hands and the singing, just awaiting inspiration… Then, a passionate dance starts accompanied by intense and profound songs, tragic in tone, and imbued with duende, the musician being transformed by the depth of the emotion throughout the show.

Enjoy a magic show with us.

We invite you to come onto the stage with professional flamenco dancers and to learn the technique of this form of unique and all-pervasive art.

In our classes you will learn to dress the traditional flamenco outfits, to dance and to clap the castañuelas.